ZoomPlayer LCD plugin for LCDSmartie

ZoomLCD is a LCD plugin for the LCDSmartie program, letting you display status information from ZoomPlayer on you LCD display. Using ZoomLCD and LCDSmartie you can show filename, time remaining and so on, on a computers LCD or VFD display.
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ZoomLCD help

ZoomLCD help

1. Contact information
2. Introduction
3. Installing
3.1 ZoomPlayer
3.2 LCDsmartie
3.3 ZoomLCD
4. Accessing ZoomLCD
4.1 LCDSmartie
4.2 Basics
5. State and Mode Information
5.1 On/Off and Media Type
5.2 Playing, Paused, Stopped...
5.3 Current Play Mode
5.4 Fullscreen State
5.5 End of File
5.7 Screen Saver
6. FileName and Tags
6.1 FileName
6.2 Music tags
6.2.1 General tags
6.2.2 ID3v1 tags
6.2.3 ID3v2 tags
6.2.4 APE tags
6.2.5 Ogg tags
7. Time
7.1 Time Played, Total Time
7.2 Duration in milliseconds
7.3 Position in milliseconds
8. DVD
8.1 Name
8.2 Menu Mode
8.3 DVD Title number and count
8.4 DVD Chapter number and count
8.5 DVD Angle number and count
8.6 DVD Audio track number, count and name
8.7 DVD Subtitle number, count and name
9. Other ZoomPlayer Data
9.1 OSD Message
9.2 Audio Volume
9.3 Playlist